Blastoyz (Aka Kobi Nigreker), is one of the leading artists in the psytrance scene over the past few years, he has been hitting the dance floor since the age of 16, and has created a unique style with an uplifting music production , which has further developed with his strong devotion to music. Year after year, Kobi continues to grow and further his reputation as an in-demand producer and charismatic DJ, loved by his fans. He is known for his hypnotic bassline style and melodys which has become his signature sound.

Behind the name Blastoyz is Kobi Nigreker, born in Israel in 1990, began his musical journey from an early age, experimenting and creating music from the age of 9. Kobi was heavily influenced by the music his older brother produced in the family home. It was then that Kobi discovered his everlasting passion for psytrance and the creation of music.

He has collaborated with major acts such as Skazi, Ranji, Bizarre Contact and Upgrade, and is known for his successful remixes for Astrix, Vini Vici, Coming soon, Loud, and many more - some of them reaching Beatport's top charts and gaining millions of views.

Blastoyz has, and continues to play all over the globe in every possible venue and country such as Tomorrowland, Dreamstate, Airbeat One, Parookaville, Burning Mountain and many other outdoor and indoor events, both in the commercial and underground scenes.